Facebook: That’s What Friends Are For

by Julie on April 14, 2009


Allow me to let you in on a little secret: When you first join Facebook, it will swallow you whole for about 2 weeks.

The registration process will ask you where you went to high school & college and when you graduated – and then it will show you all of the other people that you went to high school & college with that are currently on Facebook. So, these first 2 weeks? It’s like a massive reunion – without the hugs.

Take a deep breath, put your best face forward (in the form of pictures, links, your info pages and the like) and then maximize this time of reconnection.

  1. All of these people know you. Talking to them is the farthest thing from a cold call.
  2. When you’re catching up, it’s easy and natural to talk about your work. “So, what have you been doing since graduation?”
  3. And to network: “Oh! You just got a dog? I paint pet portraits!”
  4. Don’t forget that these new/old friends know many people – on and off the online network. Showing your Facebook friends what you do plants seeds for future business. Add links, import your blog, mention your business on your status updates.

Of course, I’m not suggesting that you smother your new/old friends with information about your work or suggestions that they work with you. I’m just saying, this is an opportunity of the highest order to naturally network in a place where everybody knows your name.

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