How It Began: A Perfectly Wonderful Awful Idea

by Ron on April 9, 2009

ideaOn February 26th I had the good fortune of participating in a social media panel discussion sponsored by the Hidden-Tech group. The next morning still pumped from my experience, I effused to Julie about the incredible evening I had experienced the night before. I described how the room was full and how hungry people were to learn about this social media thing. And as I typed, an idea just popped into my head. I’m not sure where it came from, but in the words of the Dr. Seuss, I hatched a perfectly, wonderful awful idea: a blog for absolute social media beginners.

For the next couple of hours Julie and I developed this idea, found our domain name and registered it right then and there. We contacted Shauna Callaghan, an incredible designer to work with us to design the blog look and feel. We found Paul, via a Twitter recommendation, to create the wonderful avatars you see in our sidebar. It all came together so quickly, it was startling. Over the next few weeks, we developed our idea further and we realized after the fact how well it dove-tailed with the eBook we had been writing. It was pure serendipity.

So we present to you our new site, designed by Shauna with our extensive input. The whole process came together so quickly. Before we ever had time to think,  it was real. We pushed each other, in spite of our busy lives and we worked hard to get to this point. Over the coming months we and guest posters will present you with tips, tricks and ideas about how to get started with social media and we hope as we do that you will grow as enthused as we are with this wonderful means of communication, collaboration and sharing.

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