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by Ron on May 19, 2009

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This is Part 2 in our three-part series on choosing a blogging platform. In Part 1 we looked at Typepad. In Part 2, guest poster Jeff Rutherford looks at Blogger. Check Part 3 for Shauna Callaghan on Wordrpess.

If you want to start a blog, Blogger offers a fast and easy way to get a blog up and running. Blogger, owned by Google, is often a starting point for many people when they’re first starting a blog.

Blogger’s advantages:

  • Quick entry to blogging – you can create a blogger account in 3-5 minutes and start blogging immediately.
  • Low cost – you can’t beat Blogger’s price – free.
  • Easy to use – If you’re intimidated by HTML or CSS coding, Blogger has a simple web-based dashboard that allows you focus on the content of your blog without knowing any HTML.
  • Google index – While Google has never confirmed or denied it, many search engine optimization experts believe that Blogger blogs are indexed by Google quicker than other blogging platforms.

Blogger’s disadvantages:

  • URL – Many web branding/marketing experts recommend you focus on developing your personal brand online. When someone sees a blogger URL, it can take away from your personal brand. However, this disadvantage can be remedied. If you register the domain, you can set up your Blogger blog to use that unique URL.
  • Visual layout – It’s very hard to move beyond the basic Blogger visual style. Many people focused on building an online brand quickly outgrow that Blogger visual style.
  • Google “juice” – if you start a blog via Blogger and you spend time building readers, in-bound links, and Google Page Rank, it’s a challenge to later move your blog to another blogging platform and keep the Google “juice” of your Blogger blog. Making that change is not impossible, but it’s not simple. If you do start using Blogger, and quickly decide that blogging suits you, then you may well consider moving to a self-hosted blog sooner rather than later.

Jeff Rutherford, a public relations consultant, works with technology, media, and marketing companies to secure press coverage both digitally and in traditional media.

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