LinkedIn: Why Join Groups? and How to Do It.

by Julie on May 6, 2009

LinkedIn offers us the opportunity not only to connect with individuals via our own connections, but also a group of unknown (potential connections and clients/customers) via Groups. With groups, you can network with and meet new people based on your mutual interest in a topic.

When you open your profile or home page on LinkedIn, you’ll see the following box in the top left corner.


Click on ‘Groups’ and you’ll open a page that allows you to search all Groups. You can search keywords (e.g. finance, mom, SEO), companies (e.g. Apple, Southwest Airlines, Zappos), schools (UMass, Princeton, UCLA) – anything you that connects to your business or profession.


You’ll usually have to make a request to join the group and the group’s facilitator manages the requests to keep spammers at bay. Once you’ve been accepted, you’ll receive whatever email alerts you’d like. You can monitor the groups in LinkedIn, but you get a summary email once a day with any recent group activity. And, you can post to the group as well.

Groups are helpful for offering news, starting discussions and joining those already in progress. You can share links to articles or sites you like, promote your business (such as a new ebook, website or product), invite people to live or online events (gallery openings, webinars, fundraising events), network (look for a job, try to fill a position, hire a contractor, search for referrals) and listen (hear what other people are up to, looking for, needing to succeed).

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1 Mark Sherrick May 11, 2009 at 10:16 pm

If you do join a group, give it time – a lot of the groups don’t have tons of people in them, so they aren’t as active as most message boards, or even some Ning groups. If a group is REALLY active, still, give it time to see if the activity is actually related to the group topic.

I’ve found LinkedIn groups to be a crapshoot….no more than any other forum for discussion of course. They’re getting better, for sure. Hopefully they’ll be very good very soon.

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