Facebook: Creating an Event

by Ron on June 1, 2009

One of the great ways to use Facebook is to schedule an event such as party, gathering or business meeting. You can invite people, see who’s coming, who might come and it can be a good way to gauge if you you really want to go. Setting up an event is simple pimple and this tutorial shows how to do it.

* At the bottom of your Facebook page, click the little calendar icon. The Event page opens with a listing of any events you have set up or been invited to.


* Click the Create Event button at the top of the page.


* Enter information about your event, then click Create Event.


* Set your security settings for the event indicating such items as if the Wall is activated and if the event is open or closed. You can also upload a picture here if you wish. Click Save if you make any changes. Click Skip to continue with the default settings.


* Select friends you want to invite to this event. You can send a message to accompany the invitation. If you don’t see all the friends you want to invite, you can enter a a name in the Search box.


* Click Send Invitation and your event is created. Your page will look something like this:


* As people respond to the invitation, the page will look something like this:


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