Vlogging: How To Make Your Blog a “Talkie”

by Julie on June 10, 2009


Guest Post by Lesley Lambert

In the 1920’s the film industry was revolutionized when soundtracks were added to moving pictures turning them into talking pictures or “talkies”. Just as that technology added a new dimension and tangible layer of enjoyment for the audience in those days, adding video and multi-media to your blog will bring your news to the audience in a fresh new way.

I find that many people shy away from using video because they are concerned that the process is too difficult or technical. While the process does require some computer skills, it is really no more difficult than uploading or editing photos in most cases.

The second level of intimidation that people express to me is a fear of the camera. Most people have an impression that they need to present a video of the same quality as news agencies offer. I find that those “slick” videos are actually counterproductive and turn blog readers off.

In my experience the best videos are those that share the blogger’s personality and energy in a true to real life way. Most of my videos are posted in one take, mistakes and all. If the spirit of my message is conveyed in my own words and with my body language and facial expression to back it up, the viewers will have the sense of being in the room with me.

I use video for multiple applications in my blogging: here is a tutorial video from a series, this is a hyper-local introduction and this is review from PodCamp Western MA. This is the video I created to demonstrate the power of blogging and social media. Regardless of your business, adding video to your blogging will draw in a new audience. Everyone learns differently: some people prefer reading, others need the added visual and auditory stimulation that video brings to truly take in the information.

Hopefully I have convinced you that you should try adding video to your blog and by now you are asking, HOW?

#1- You need a camera. You can use a webcam, your digital camera with video option, traditional video camera or my preferred tool, The Flip.

#2- I recommend a tripod. You can get a table top tripod for as little as $1 (I got one at The Dollar Tree)!

#3- Outline your message and keep your talking points on the table in front of you.

#4- Try to shoot in one take and keep it short. Typically videos should be 2-3 minutes long for highest rate of conversion.

#5- Stay relaxed and speak normally, if you stumble, just keep moving on…shows you are human.

#6- Put the video on your computer hard drive.

#7- Edit the video using Windows Movie Maker (free on PC’s) or iMovie for Mac users.

#8- Upload the video to your preferred video server (YouTube is popular but there are many other options)

#9- Use the code provided to embed the video into your blog

#10- Wait for the feedback! Mine has been terrific with four new clients directly connected to one of my video series.

Now get out there and turn your silent blog into a “talkie” blog!

Lesley is a REALTOR and VP of TQ, Inc the social media consulting branch of the TwitterQueens social media empowerment network. Follow her on Twitter.

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1 A Maui Blog June 10, 2009 at 11:24 am

Thanks Leslie. I have been contemplating on buying a Flip and vlogging aside from blogging 🙂 This post is a helpful encouragement.

Got here from Julie’s tweet 🙂

2 LesleyLambert June 10, 2009 at 11:59 am

I am glad you found it helpful! I love my Flip…it makes video a breeze.

3 Christine PIlch June 10, 2009 at 12:56 pm

I wholeheartedly agree. Ever since I started vlogging, the response has been terrific. I believe it has significantly raised awareness of my services.

I use a webcam and a combination of Microsoft Movie Maker and Camtasia, which is a screen capture software. And I also usually prepare my talking points, tape them to my monitor, and record the video in a single take, flubs and all. It’s the editing that takes some time, but I’m getting better at it, and that is helping smooth out the process.

Thanks for a terrific post, Lesley!

– Christine

4 Morriss Partee June 11, 2009 at 9:58 am

One more point for those reluctant to start shooting video of themselves: Like many things in life, the first time is the hardest. By doing it over and over, you’ll get better and more natural at it. Just dive in! And keep doing it!

5 Matt Stigliano June 14, 2009 at 9:48 pm

Lesley – Great post, I’ve been trying to use a bit more video in my site as well, so this was a good refresher on my goals. Four new clients from a series? That’s great. I think I need to try and build a “series” as well. So far, mine have been more random.

Julie – Thanks for bringing in a guest on this one.


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