Is social media right for me?

by Julie on July 1, 2009


By Julie Roads

Chances are that you’re reading this blog because you’re interested in social media and trying to figure out what the hell it is and if it’s something you want, need or have to do. It’s important that you get all the facts, but it’s also important for you to decided if this social media thing is really right for you.

I believe that if you can’t stand doing something, that loathing will be apparent to those around you. If the purpose of your social media activity is to tell people about your business, but you can’t stand Twitter or Facebook (or your computer), that dismay, boredom or annoyance will come through your tweets and status updates.

People won’t know exactly why, but when they’re interacting with you online, they’ll feel like something’s not right and they’ll be turned off.

As I move through this world, talking about social media and helping businesses understand how it can help them broaden their reach and sales, I get a myriad of reactions. And while they’re all unique, it’s fair to say that they can be divided into two main groups: the people who don‘t want to engage in social media and the people who do.

The people who don’t:

  • Ask questions like, ‘What if I hate networking?’
  • Loathe being in front of their computers for more than 15 minutes a day (and even then it’s a chore)
  • Think social media is just a phase
  • Can’t understand how building relationships without ‘pushing their product’ will ever work
  • Haven’t embraced the fact that social media outreach is part of marketing and not just a time waster
  • Worry about sharing too much about themselves or their company or their methods

The people who do:

  • See every new person and new network as an opportunity
  • Like their computers or find someone in their company how does
  • Have long-term and positive vision regarding media, growth and change
  • Realize that their best clients were born from trust, respect, integrity and word of mouth
  • Understand that social media is essential to their marketing strategy (and see that it’s not just an addition to their old plan, but an exciting transformation)
  • Are eager to share their product with the world…not to mention their ideas and perspectives.

I hope you can see that this isn’t just a case of you’re in or you’re out. People change…but sometimes it’s hard without the right information. If you find yourself on the ‘don’t’ side of the fence, I encourage you to read as much as you can, talk to people who are into social media. Educate yourself before making a decision…and allow yourself time to grow into this change. Social media and its opportunities are profound in relation to the ‘old way.’ It’s profound when you fully embrace and engage in social media’s web.

Julie Roads is a writer, blogger, speaker, consultant & teacher – best places to find her? On Twitter and her own site, Writing Roads (or right here on Soc Media 101 pssst – check the right sidebar!).

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1 Lanny July 2, 2009 at 7:06 am

Julie, that’s a nice breakdown, especially the part about one’s self-expression, like it or not, via how one holds (considers) the medium one is operating in. I am both a doer and a don’ter. I doubt I could be real on Twitter, but I like having something to say on Facebook, maybe because I assume in advance that there is someone appreciative on the other end, someone I already have at least some recognition of, and vice versa. Meaning I have a better sense of the club I have joined at FB. And I like to publish blog posts. There is actually a feel for the accomplishment; and it is a platform for my avian art that I know will reach somebody somewhere.

2 Julie July 2, 2009 at 10:34 am

Lanny – thank you for that beautiful comment. I think everyone should know that when I met Lanny, he was leaning fairly heavy on the ‘don’t’ side – and look how far he’s come. His blog is gorgeous and incredible…and just gets better every day. Lanny – as always, you are a man who knows his boundaries!!!

3 Lanny July 2, 2009 at 11:03 am

Well, thanks, Juli-oh. I guess knowing boundaries is laudable. Almost as much as knowing when to discard what you know for the sake of adventure.

Way thunder! Lan

4 Toni February 18, 2016 at 9:42 pm

Such a deep anresw! GD&RVVF

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