Facebook Replaces Post Cards From the Road

by Ron on August 13, 2009


I just got back from vacation the other day and I realized I didn’t send one post card while I was away. Instead I kept my friends and family updated via Facebook. Just about everyone I wanted to know about my travels is now on Facebook (except perhaps my 81 year old Dad) so it provided a great venue to update folks on a daily basis as to what I was doing.

Use Your Own Picture

One of the things I love about Facebook and my iPhone Facebook app is how simple it is to upload pictures of your journey. You no longer are tied to those post card shots. You can use your own instead and provide commentary about your day,  rather than a generic vacation description you can fit on the back of a post card. As my wife pointed out yesterday, it also gives you a chance to stay in touch with people whom you normally would see infrequently and would have little clue you were even on vacation, never mind details about you were doing each day.

You can post directly to your wall or you can create photo albums, which you can share with Facebook users and non-Facebook users alike as Facebook provides a convenient link that you can send to your friends who might not be on Facebook.

Write Detailed Notes

The Notes feature (which I wrote about in Facebook: Writing Notes) provides a blog-like feature for you to stretch out and describe your journey in greater detail. You can also add pictures and video to your notes to enhance them further, giving your friends and family a rich multimedia description of your trip.

Post cards might not be dead (and they are still fun to send and receive), but Facebook provides a great way to stay in touch while your on the road and give your friends and family a detailed view of everything you’re doing.

Photo courtesy of DominusVobiscum on Flickr.

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