SocialSafe Lets You Backs Up Your Facebook Info

by Ron on August 31, 2009

picture-5We don’t think a lot about backing up our social media information, perhaps because we believe it will always be there, but I came across this article yesterday and it got me thinking that maybe we should. Just because your information is on a web service like Facebook or Twitter doesn’t mean, it will live there forever. Things change and if you want a back-up of your information, the aforementioned article offers several ways to do it.

This post is going to look at one of the author’s suggestions, SocialSafe, a way to back up your Facebook information. It’s a great program as far as it goes, but I just wish it went a little further (more later).

Download and Install

SocialSafe is an Adobe Air application (as is TweetDeck, my favorite Twitter desktop client). Chances are, you have Adobe Air on your computer, but if you don’t, start by downloading it from Adobe. Then go to the SocialSafe download page and download the program. It will cost you $2.99, but it’s a reasonable price for a decent program. Note that you’ll need to have a PayPal account to pay for it. Once you download it, it installs in the familiar fashion of all Adobe Apps.

Backing it Up

Once it’s installed, click the Settings button (looks like gears) and enter your Facebook log-in information. That’s it. Over the next few minutes, SocialSafe backs up your profile, your friends list and your photos. The big draw-back here is that SocialSafe doesn’t back up your Wall posts or your Facebook email, both of which would be tremendously useful to have, but if you lose your Facebook account (and I know people who have), it’s comforting to at least have the other content backed up on your local drive.


SocialSafe is easy to use, reasonably priced and it gives you a little peace of mind that you always have your own information backed up on your own machine. I wish it went a step a further and backed up everything related to your account, but what it does, it does extremely well.


I’ve decided to include the video tour from the SocialSafe site as it explains some additional features and ways to use the program that I didn’t include in my overview. Note that the feature that lets you back up pictures tagged with your name has been disabled, according to the web site:

SocialSafe Demo – Introducing Time Capsule from Pascal Wheeler on Vimeo.

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1 Craig August 31, 2009 at 10:41 am

A backup of my friends and photos is great, as is the “time capsule” feature, but without my wall posts, notes and email, I’d be missing too much to make it useful (and to justify spending money). Also, there’s no feature to restore my profile from the backup, so even if I lose my account, I’m on my own to put it back together. They still seem to have some of my desired features in development, so I’ll wait and see how that goes.

2 Ron August 31, 2009 at 10:48 am

If you own a full copy of Acrobat, you could use the feature that lets you save a web site as a pdf, but I have the feeling that could get large and I’m not sure you could control the size to the point of being useful. For now, for only $3.00, at the very least, you have a back up of your friends list, your photos and your profile information and that’s valuable information to have. But you’re right, unless you can restore easily, it’s only for your own peace of mind, not to put it back as you had it.


3 Julian Ranger September 3, 2009 at 9:49 am

Craig – Re the Wall, that feature will be included in our next SocialSafe release in a couple of weeks or so. There is no simple restore an account method and we are looking into how to achieve this – staying within the Facebook rules places quite a few limits on what we can do. In the meantime though all the friends details you download are linked back to their accounts – so click on a friend in the SocialSafe viewer and you are immediately taken to their home page which makes creating a new account and issuing friend requests easier, albeit not as simple as we would like. Jules

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