Five Ways to Raise Your Profile on LinkedIn

by Ron on September 22, 2009


LinkedIn is a great service for posting your resume and work history online and to collect electronic recommendations, but it’s also the most purely professional of the social networking tools we discuss on this blog. As such, it’s worth your while to raise your profile there and show your expertise to your peers and people who would want to take advantage of your skills. Here’s my list of five ways to raise your profile on LinkedIn:

1. Update Your Status

Sure you’re on Facebook and Twitter, but are you letting your professional network know what you’re up to? Did you post to your blog? Let people know about it in your status update. Did you just deliver a great presentation to your professional association? Don’t be afraid to use the status to trumpet your successes. It’s a great way to let people know what you’re up to.

2. Answer a Question

LinkedIn has a useful feature that lets you ask questions and get answers from a group of experts. These are organized by subject, so for instance, I sometimes answer questions in Writing and Editing and Technology. When you answer questions, you show off your expertise and your answers link back to your profile.

3. Start a Discussion

If you belong to any of the myriad of groups on LinkedIn–and you absolutely should be taking advantage of these additional opportunities to network–you can start a meaningful discussion in your group. When people respond, answer back. Keep the debate going, but be cordial and professional.

4. Share Links

Each group has a News tab. As you find interesting articles or blog posts around the web, if you think they might be interesting to your group, share the link in the News tab. Just make sure it’s relevant to the group and never post anything spammy. You can share across multiple, similar groups if you wish. If you leave a comment or review, it fills in automatically when you enter (or paste) the URL for any additional group.

5. Start Your Own Group

If you have expertise and you want to help people and promote your work, start your own group. This is a fantastic way to communicate with people who are interested in what you are doing and raise your professional profile at the same time. See Why Join Groups and How to Do It for more information on how this works.

So that’s my list of ways to raise your profile on LinkedIn. If you have other ideas, please feel free to join the discussion by leaving a comment.

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