Is social media all talk?

by Julie on September 30, 2009

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This past weekend, I was lucky enough to travel to Asheville, NC to cavort around the Type-A Mom Conference. It was fabulous, and it made me think a lot about this question: Is social media all talk?

#1 Nope.

And the reason is that the number of people that I found to be just as dynamic, if not more so, in person as they are on their blogs or Twitter and Facebook, far outweighed the number that paled in comparison. I went to this conference excited to meet some of my blogging friends, and I was not disappointed. We bridged the gap from online buddies to solid IRL (in real life) friends instantly. The online relationship is now strengthened – the reach and power of my social network has taken a glorious turn for the better.

#2 Yep.

I was honored to sit on the keynote panel at the conference on Saturday afternoon. It was titled: ‘Breaking the Mommy Blogger Mold’…but the keynote really didn’t. The conversation went round and round about:

  • The merits of being called a mommy blogger (it’s a recognized brand and wanted group by companies)
  • The detriment of being called a mommy blogger (it’s diminutive and stifling and some bad apples are spoiling the whole bunch)
  • Whether or not women that are mothers and blog, but don’t blog about being a mom should be called a ‘mommy blogger’
  • Why we need to define ourselves in the first place.

The reason that I’m saying ‘Yep’ on this one is that social media is all talk in this case and we could talk until we’re blue in the face about all of this and it won’t change anything! Some people will call themselves mommy bloggers, some won’t, companies will come calling, money will be made or not and our culture really, really likes to name things.

And this isn’t just about mommy bloggers. It could be about content management systems (CMS), bloggers in general, the future of Twitter. We can (and do) talk about these things, debating ad nauseam, but the thing is, the thing to remember is, that the world keeps turning. The talk certainly attracts interest and helps build interest, but regardless – the tools get used and connections are made, business is done, networks are amplified – no matter the volume or the gist of the talk.

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1 Mark Sherrick October 1, 2009 at 8:53 am

Its all about finding the balance. Everything that has caused major change in the world was once thought to be a waste of time, sometimes worse.

But every time something changes the world it lives in, all the talk becomes worthwhile. Well, maybe not all of it, but a lot of it. Just in social media, look at twitter, wordpress, youtube, and maybe even ning, although the jury is still debating ning, imho. All of these things were just a lot of talk at one point. Now, they’re more.

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