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by Julie on September 10, 2009


This morning, my 3 year-old’s new winter boots arrived from Timberland. They came with a sticker that said, “Our Footprint” and listed the following:

  • Climate Impact: Use of renewable energy 6.6%
  • Chemicals Used: PVC-free 74.4%
  • Resource Consumption: Eco-conscious materials 3.4% & Recycled content of shoebox 100%
  • Trees planted through 2006: 600,000

Ignoring the fact that the date was either old or a mistake, this is impressive. Not just what Timberland does for the planet, but also that they think it’s important to notice. And that they care to hold themselves to a certain standard of environmental stewardship.

What’s a footprint? Well, it’s the thing that you leave behind, an impression, as you move through this world.

Here’s how it translates to a positive social media footprint:

  • Climate Impact: Spamming, soliciting, being mean or unfriendly 0% & Participation, blog comments, sharing, retweeting, being helpful 100%
  • Chemicals Used: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs, search engines, Digg, Delicious, Stumble Upon, Flickr and more 100%
  • Resource Consumption: Network recommended products, apps and services 75% & ‘Recycled’, or (more aptly) stolen, content 0%
  • Relationships planted and grown every day: ad infinitum

Image credit: Randy Son of Robert

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1 Adam Rubin September 10, 2009 at 11:05 am

Ha! Absolutely love that breakdown of one’s social media footprint, Julie 🙂

On a related note — we’ve been working on a website that combines social media & carbon footprinting. — it’s still in the infancy stage, but we’re adding new features weekly. Would love to know what you and your readers think of it.


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