Conducting Business on Twitter

by Ron on October 19, 2009

Making a new friend

This past week I was in Orlando, FL at the ARMA 09 conference. Before I left, I posted a message on Twitter to let people know that I was going to be there, and I was able to make several personal and professional connections.  While there, I was contacted directly by a vendor on Twitter and made it a point to stop by  his booth. So the next time someone tells you that Twitter is a time waster, tell them that real business gets done there.

Making Meetings

I set up several meetings using Twitter’s direct message feature. It was easy, simple and my request never got lost in anyone’s in-box. My contacts followed up on Twitter to make sure everything went OK and to send me a link to the latest press release. It was definitely not frivolous or a time waster.

That said, I was able to make those connections with these individuals because we had made social connections in the past in which we talked about non-business subjects. When you a feel a genuine social connection to someone, it makes you want to do business with them when the time comes, and when I was ready to set up meetings for this conference, I called on my contacts and they responded.

Make New Contacts

While I was at the show, someone met with my publisher at FierceContentManagement, and afterward he sent me a Tweet asking me to stop by his booth. I had some other appointments set up, but when I was done, I went over there, had a nice little chat, and I learned about a company which I hadn’t know about before.  I posted a tweet afterward indicating how much I enjoyed talking to him and we made a connection.

So the next time your boss or your colleague (or whoever) tells you that Twitter is just a time waster, tell them it’s a place where real business gets done, and that you’re missing something if you’re not on there.

Do you have any stories to share about how you conducted business on Twitter? Leave a comment.

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