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by Julie on October 13, 2009


Sometimes, something catches your eye and takes your brain for a spin. You see what someone else is doing and you start to apply it to your own efforts. Could you do the same thing? How could you tweak it to match your product, service, industry?

Today the eye-catcher was an article (on a cheesy celeb gossip site – yes, it’s my one and only vice and this post proves that it’s important research for me to read the smut) about an indie type band using Twitter to promote a new album. In a single swoop, they’re getting:

  • free press
  • free extras for their video
  • more cool points from their fans
  • increased exposure
  • new fans
  • record sales
  • more Twitter followers
  • more website hits

The article states:

Actor Jared Leto is making a big push for rock star Jared Leto. The actor’s band 30 Seconds To Mars is seen shooting a video for their next single “Kings and Queens.” The band advertised the mass bike ride on their website, and invited fans to come and participate in the night-time spectacle.

The band has also launched a contest on Twitter in which they will give away “30 Guitars in 30 Days” to the band’s Twitter followers. All the band’s followers have to do is post a single Tweet in order to qualify for the contest.

The band will then select one winner daily and award them with 1 of 30 custom Nostalgia Series guitars.

The contest is a promotional vehicle for the band’s upcoming album This is War. The album is due out December 8, with the first single, “Kings + Queens” due out October 13.

Does that give you any ideas for how you could use the web and Twitter for your own promotion?

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1 Mark Sherrick October 13, 2009 at 11:01 am

Stuff like this is happening more and more – and I for one am glad that more people are starting to do more than the “if I get more than X followers I will do Y” bit, its getting old. Do something like this band, whomever they are, do something like @kidsareheroes and give stuff to your followers randomly. I’ve seen people give free coaching sessions, or consults, or something relevant to what they do. Stuff you used to have to do via regular mail can now be done via the internet…its amazing.

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