All about YELP

by Julie on November 4, 2009


Say you’re visiting Seattle for the first time. Sure you can go online and search for sushi restaurants. You’ll get a smattering of listings and some of them might link to websites, but how can you really tell if they’re any good from their own websites (which always make them sound perfect)?

Or you move to Schenectady and need to find the top dog kennel for dear old Fido.

Or singed your hair off with a curling iron while on a business trip and have to find the best salon in Chicago to fix it.

How great would it be, if you could go to a social media site and type in the town, search for the business type you’re looking for and find tons of helpful user-generated reviews that describe the user experience of said restaurant, kennel and salon in detail?

You’re in luck – Yelp does exactly that. Their tagline, as a matter of fact, is Real People, Real Reviews.

The site features:

  • The Best of Yelp (top businesses in several categories within the town you’re searching)
  • The review of the day
  • Sales and Deals near you
  • Fresh Lists (user favorites)
  • Popular events
  • Talk: Chats/message boards
  • Featured Yelpers

Check it out…I’m a real people and my real review is that it is a fantastic reference!

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