Deciding Who Should See Your Facebook Wall Posts

by Ron on February 2, 2010

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During a recent update, Facebook added a little security control for your wall posts. You could easily have missed it, but it’s the little lock icon just to the left of the Share button. This control lets you decide on a case by case basis who can see your post. For instance, you might want to let only your friends see personal information about you, but you could want to let Friends of Friends see your latest blog post (to drive additional traffic). This tool gives you the option.

Follow these steps:

  1. Enter your update and add a link or other media as needed.
  2. Click the lock icon and make a choice.

Your choices are defined below:

  • Everyone: Lets all of Facebook see it. You probably only want to use this on rare occasions to share your post with the entire Facebook community.
  • Friends of Friends: This lets your whole Friends list and their friends see your post. You could use this choice when you are publicizing something you want a lot of people to see.
  • Only Friends: This is the default choice and lets your entire list of friends of see it. If you have set up separate groups of friends, you can confine it to a particular group by using the Customize choice (defined below). Otherwise it goes to your entire list of friends.
  • Customize: This lets you confine who can see this post to individuals or groups you have set up. You may want to do this if you are posting about something that is only relevant to a certain group of your Facebook friends, but you don’t want others to see.

Click Share and that’s it. Your post will only be seen by those people you select.

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