The new annoying way to spam on Twitter and how to stop it

by Julie on February 4, 2010

Once again, we have a Twitter epidemic. Spam accounts post tweets asking for action or promoting their links and they include as many twitter handles as they can fit. The pick big name Tweeple and little ones. Their strategy is that we will see them because they included, for instance @writingroads, and so their tweet shows up in my @replies tab.

Here’s what one of these spammer’s Twitter page looks like:


What can we do to stop this? Aside from getting out the pitchforks (and violence is never the answer), we can report them as spam for twitter. Just go to their page and look to your right:

report for spam

Click on ‘report for spam’ and then Twitter will take care of it and their page will look like this:


Twitter users unite! This is a simple and easy action to take, you know, for the good of Twitterers everywhere!

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