Wow! I didn’t know you worked at Yahoo!

by Julie on March 3, 2010


Does your email look like this? Feel free to take out ‘Yahoo!’ and insert any of the following:

  • AOL
  • Hotmail
  • Earthlink
  • Gmail
  • MSN
  • Comcast

When you see that my email is or or, you assume that I work at one of those fine establishments. Why wouldn’t I assume then, if your email was that you worked at Comcast? Obviously, because most of us do know that Comcast is an ISP – but we also know nothing about YOU.

Here’s my point. When you’re running a business that has an online component (which just about every business at this point really should!), it is best practice to customize your email address.

When your email address is or, it’s generic. When your email is or, then every time you give out the address and every time someone types it in, they’re reminded of your business. If they’re just emailing you for the first time, they will likely even notice the URL and go visit it. It’s yet another easy way to promote your business and plump up your branding. As a consumer, when I see a generic email, I wonder why you haven’t taken that next step.

I know that a lot of people keep these generic email accounts for junk mail or lists, etc. Which is fine…but not the best choice for use as a professional email account. I’ve yet to come across a host (and I work within and around the major-ish brands) that doesn’t offer email with your url when you set up an account.

Do you work at Yahoo! or AOL? No…you work at your own company. Let everyone know all about it.

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1 Mary March 4, 2010 at 2:05 pm

eek…I am so guilty of this but I already have so many email accounts that I had to set up for using Etsy and Flickr, etc. that just thinking of another makes my head hurt. Most of my work comes in from other people that have similar accounts but it would probably help me look more professional to well, look more professional. Thanks for the reminder….she says, sheepishly, shuffling off to go finally set up that email account that came with the website…..

2 Julie March 4, 2010 at 2:07 pm

Mary, fyi, you can have all of these email accounts filter to one place for reading and writing – Outlook on a PC, Mail on a Mac – for instance.

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