New Tool Helps You Check Your Facebook Privacy Settings

by Ron on May 18, 2010

I came across a tool from an organization called that checks your Facebook privacy settings and indicates when you have some settings that may require adjusting.

Follow these steps to retrieve and run this tool on Facebook:

  1. Go to the web site and drag the Scan for Privacy tool to your Bookmarks bar in your browser.
  2. Open Facebook and click the Scan for Privacy button you retrieved in Step 1.
  3. Review the results and check the settings as indicated.

It’s a nice little tool as far as it goes. It doesn’t state which setting specifically is wrong or what you should do to fix it, but it does point you at the general settings you should be adjusting. It’s also worth noting, it gave me an error because I have my Adding Friends setting set to Everyone, meaning anyone can add me as a friend then I can accept or reject it, which seems reasonable to me.

No tool is perfect, and this one isn’t either, but it does give you a general starting point for checking the privacy settings in Facebook and I encourage everyone to run it and learn what you can from it.

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