Friday 5 for 6/11/10

by Ron on June 11, 2010

36 - High Five
Image by Holtsman via Flickr

Welcome to the latest installment of the Friday 5. Facebook was still trying to get out from under the cloud of bad publicity regarding its privacy tools this week. The update was an improvement, but still needs a lot of work to simplify it even further. In yet another bizarre episode, however, the San Francisco Weekly explains the strange insignia spied on Zuckerberg’s hoodie.

Meanwhile Facebook and Yahoo! announced a deal to play together, while  Twitter announced a new link policy it will implement over the coming months. In a bizarre announcement, Viacom, the owners of MTV, basically put a gag order on its employees regarding personal blogging. Not sure how well that will go down with the courts, but I guess we have to wait and see.

Not quite as dramatic as a Zuckerberg meltdown, but still another interesting week in the ever evolving world of online social media.

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