Google Buzz Provides Interesting Discussion Platform

by Ron on June 24, 2010

Photographers are Flocking to Google Buzz by Thomas Hawk.

The other day I clicked a link posted on Twitter by my friend and colleague, John Blossom (who is president of Shore Communications, Inc. and the author of the book Content Nation). Instead of a traditional blog post like this one, I found myself on Google Buzz. I read Blossom’s post (an analysis of the web access capability in the new Barnes and Noble Nook) and decided to respond. From then, on I was drawn into an interesting discussion, all taking place inside Google Buzz and updating me in Gmail.

You can enter Notes in Facebook of course (as I wrote in Facebook: Writing Notes) and have an online conversation, but what I like about Buzz is that I get an email with Buzz updates and I can respond right there without explicitly opening Buzz to do it. Each time the Buzz gets updated, I get a new email with the entire thread. You can also get email responses with Facebook, but it is not smoothly integrated into the email experience as Buzz is (because Google has the advantage of owning both the email and social networking tools).

The entire Buzz email conversation is threaded so you  aren’t getting a bunch of separate emails, and if you get annoyed, you can mute the conversation and you won’t be bothered again.

Blossom has embraced both Google Buzz and Google Wave, and his work has encouraged me to look at this more carefully. If you dismissed Buzz after the initial, well, buzz, then you should give it another shot. It provides an interesting forum for debate and discussion, one that I hadn’t really considered until I saw Blossom’s use of the tool.

Photo by Thomas Hawk on Flickr. Used under Creative Commons License.

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