What Happens to TypePad Now?

by Ron on September 22, 2010

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Reports began surfacing on Tuesday afternoon that Six Apart, the parent company of TypePad, had been sold to Video Egg. It makes me wonder what will happen to this blogging platform and if it will continue as we’ve known it.

I’ve been using TypePad since 2003. After a brief flirtation with Blogger, I moved to TypePad and I’ve been here ever since. I have no reason to believe that TypePad is going anywhere, but the change makes me uneasy.

This post from Andrian Bloem on the Real Story blog doesn’t make me feel much better about it. It seems as though TypePad might become an after thought in the new media company vision.

It has gotten me thinking about what I would need to do if I moved the blog to another platform. If I did, it would be to WordPress, no contest. But how easy would it be to move my design and my content to another platform? That, I’m not sure.

I know WordPress would be a cheaper option, but for now I’m taking the wait and see approach and I’m not going anywhere.

So long as the new owners continue to support the product, I see no reason to make the switch, but TypePad bloggers like me have to at least be thinking about worst case scenarios and what it mean if that didn’t happen.

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