Apple Beefs up Ping Integration in iTunes

by Ron on October 4, 2010

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I’ve noticed recently that Apple has updated iTunes with more direct integration with the new Ping social service.  When Ping came out, I saw some great potential, but it was hamstrung from Day 1 because it’s locked inside of iTunes. It was further handicapped by the fact you had to explicitly open it to do anything.

With the latest iTunes upgrade, you’ll note tighter Ping integration including a Ping drop-down list that enables you to Like or Post about any item in your library. Apple has also created a Ping frame, which is open by default and shows the activity of people you follow on your Ping account.

This should help encourage people to use the service more. I look for Apple to come with additional clever ways to integrate and encourage iTunes users to use Ping more. Without that deeper integration, it’s really much too easy to forget about Ping, especially since to this point it doesn’t have a stand-alone Web presence.

Of course, if Apple really wants this to take off, it needs to move Ping out of the iTunes container and onto the web, and it needs to integrate it with other popular social services like Facebook and twitter.

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