Some Facebook Security Enhancements You Need to Know About

by Ron on February 6, 2011

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Yesterday I spent a good part of my day at Pod Camp Western Mass. While I was there I attended a great session by Christine Pilch on Facebook privacy, and even though I have my profile locked down tightly to the outside world, I learned a few good tricks from Christine you should know about.

Securing Your Facebook Connection

Recently, Facebook enabled you to turn on an HTTPS connection, meaning a secure encrypted connection. Pilch pointed out that this does sometimes interfere with some Facebook applications, so it’s a trade-off, but it’s always a good idea to turn this on when using a public WiFi system so you can secure your account. Here’s what to do.

  1. Click Account > Account Settings. The My Account page opens.
  2. Click the check box next to  Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) whenever possible.

Seeing Where Your Facebook Account is Active

While you’re there, check out a couple of other very nice new features meant to secure your account. You can click the check box next to Send Me an Email (or SMS if you have it set up to do so) to have Facebook send you an email or text message each time someone accesses your account.

What’s more, you can view all instances of computers where your account is active. As Pilch pointed out, this could come in handy if you left your Facebook account open at work, allowing you to shut it down remotely.

You simply click Remove to shut down that instance of Facebook.

Just this morning, my wife noticed a computer in the list that she didn’t recognize. She shut it down and changed her password to be safe.

These features go a long way to helping secure your account. You should monitor the list of computers running your account on a regular basis and if you see one you don’t recognize, it could mean your account has been compromised.

While Facebook security is an ever-changing and confusing process, these are solid features you should be taking advantage of.

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