It’s simple: You own your content on online services

by Ron on January 2, 2013

Modern business meetingIn my latest FierceContentManagement Editor’s Corner, I discuss content ownership in light of the Instagram controversy that occurred just before the break. It’s simple really. You own your content, but it’s a fight we’ll probably have to repeat each time an online service needs to find a way to make money.

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1 Batuhan February 18, 2016 at 9:24 pm

Ill start saying that i like your posts but to be hoesnt i do not think you should be on FB, instagram, etc or, if you are, dont ask your kids to friend you UNLESS (key word) you have an almost perfect and open comunication, there is a million things a teen does not want his/her mom to know and a mom does not need to know them i.e. problems with his/her couple, i personaly hide any hint of discussion from my mom because i know that her instinct of protection will change the way she is with my boyfriend. Thats is just a simple thing but there might be a lot more complex.On the other hand i do suport your idea of stablishing rules and talking about the dangres of the internet etc just dont attempt to control them, they will say stupid things just like they will do stupid things at school, they are teens in the end.And just to end this long post, a golden rule (in my opinion) for parents to follow: if you want your teen to trust you dont make a big deal everytime he/she tells you something they did! its just insane the way most parents overreact to their teens mistakes!Thank you and good luck!

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