Why you should be using Google Plus (Infographic)

by Ron on October 16, 2014

Guest post by Ivan Serrano

It’s three in the afternoon. You’re feeling a bit drowsy and bored, so you log on to Facebook  and peer into the lives of your friends. Maybe you follow a link to Instagram and look at pictures  posted from someone’s recent holiday, or maybe you sign on to your Linkedin account to see if  anyone is advertising your dream job.

This is how many people consume their social media, but that may be changing. One of the game changers is Google Plus, formerly Google’s second-hand version of Facebook. Google  is now using Plus to incorporate social signals into their search results, meaning that you can simultaneously improve your content’s visibility and its search engine optimization. Plus is also rapidly gaining users. It has recently seen a growth rate of about 39% per year and  many of its users are industry influencers. Plus is dynamic and is already being integrated with Google’s vast email and cloud computing infrastructure which makes it easy and convenient to use.

Interested in ramping up your presence on Plus? Check out the infographic below which  provides recent user statistics and information on how Plus works. There are also tips on how  to gain influential followers, what types of content to publish and how to increase the visibility of  that content.


Benefits of Google Plus Infographic

 Ivan Serrano is an infographic specialist from the Golden State. He enjoys writing about social media and technology. You can follow him on Twitter at @ivanserrano55.

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